GG engineers bugged for hunters?

Seems like everytime I fight these two the rockets don't target myself nor my pet..they go all over the place and many times I've lost simply because there were lengthy periods of time in which no rockets ever came near me(and thus, Bo). I've not seen this happen with any other class.
I'm also stuck on GG Engineering... No matter how I try to do it, most of the rockets shoot randomly, I've even gone in without my pet to see if that was messing it up.
Some rockets will come at me, but then they shoot all over the arena again.
I watched a warrior do the fight and he had rockets aiming at him from start to finish.
Bump for this. It's still happening, the rockets are never locked onto me.
Same for me as well, id say 80% of the rockets are launched randomly, then i hit the enrage and die a fiery death.
Come to think about it, they were random for me too. Surely it cant be just us? My memory is a little hazy but I'm almost certain it was random for most. 50/50 chance of it landing on you.
Its probably just bad RNG. I thought the same thing when I did it, only had them to about 30% when the enrage timer was approaching. All of a sudden I was targeted by a ridiculous number in a row and they died right as the fire wall appeared.
its just RNG, alot of Brawl fights are based on RNG, and it only gets worse the higher you go.
took me many many attempts to get the stars to align and get enough rockets to finish off GG, wait till trying to get the stars to align for Millhouse and his crystal placement ><
Dismiss your pet, do not use stampede or die beast, and also do not use snake trap. You really do not need more than 20k dps to kill this as long as you are on Bo the entire time. Just stack on Bo, and dodge rockets.

If you need the heals from say a spirit beast or from Spirit Bond, you can have your pet out, just make sure it is on passive. It may get targeted so you might end up with less bombs hitting Bo. I used Spirit Mend on CD, as well as a health pot. Completed it before the 30sec warning, and only pulled 21k if I remember right. The rockets did all the work.

Also at the start, they are stacked on each other, meaning the rockets do double dmg to them if you can get the rockets to land right between them.
I consistently did 80K+ dps and coudn't win this one. So I went by these suggestions, did 45 - 50K dps, always stacked on Bo and dodged every barrage. But now I can't beat the enrage timer. Really I am beginning to suspect Blizz devs trying to troll hunters. Or are they just so unprofessional and incompetent that they introduce bugs and never care to fix them?
I watched another hunter beat this yesterday. He never pulled out his pet, his gear score was around 470, and killed them just as the fire began to fall. Bad RNG is bad RNG. Took me about 5 tries to get this if I remember correctly.
So it is more like lottery you say?
I died to them 50+ times because the red circles dont appear under the engineers frequently enough.

My ilevel was about 484.

I glitched past every rank 7 boss.

I think most of them are made to be impossible.

Almost beat a couple rank 8s back when my ilevel was much lower 484 or so havent been back in there in a while.

Repair bills.
I've experienced this bug on my shaman. The rockets also don't generate a red "get out of this area" circle (or generate it late) half of the time, either.

EDIT: I do tend to use my elementals, so the pet bug might still apply.
So it is more like lottery you say?

Kind of. As long as you are the only person they can target with the red circle bombs, they target you frequently. Hence the advice of dismissing pet. I have heard rumors of a glitch that causes them to not target you hardly at all when you have a pet out.

It is most certainly not impossible. I didn't glitch passed it, I killed it, it took 5 or 6 attempts. Those were me failing to get out of the red circle in time.
I think, how I did it...

Stand on top of the lazer guy, and have the pet dps him, to hold thread. I then shoot at the rocket guy, and stand on top of lazer guy. This causes rockets to hit lazer guy.

You won't have enough dps to beat it unless enough rockets hit lazer guy.
I tried that actually, but I'm getting no rockets or red rings of death. :/
I did this as Disc on my Priest no problem, but on my Shammy, like you others, the rockets go everywhere.
Spent over a 1000g in repairs and still cant find the MAGIC!!! They never target me, pet out or not. An pure dps'n them I can beat the enrage timer (even with a 532 ilvl). Its either bugged or blizzard just hates me.

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