just lvled to 90! What Now??

hey guys, i just want to ask all the fellow hunters out there.... what should i be doing after i ding to 90?? what i mean by that is which dailies should i start to get the rep so i can buy the faction items and such... im starting heroics now but i just want to know which factions should i be doing first that is best for hunters. thx in advance :)
You'll want to work on Golden Lotus for sure since that unlocks the rest of the factions once you reach revered. The Golden Lotus QM also sells LW patterns at honored. Klaxxi has a nice belt for us at Revered.
If you don't mind working on more than one rep at a time, The Klaxxi and Golden Lotus should be at the top of your list. Klaxxi unlocks an epic necklace fairly early (Honored or Revered, I forget) from VPs and you get an epic ring at Exalted. Plus that scorpion mount is pretty effing sweet.

Golden Lotus also provides a necklace at Exalted, and a handful of other rewards at Revered. But getting them to Revered unlocks the August Celestials and Shado-pan. Those two offer most of your gear rewards.

Personally, I can't be bothered, due to burnout, to do more than faction per day.So I've been checking them off one at a time. August Celestials seems like it will be less annoying than Shado-Pan from what I've seen.
Casting my vote for Klaxxi and Golden Lotus as well. Also the new faction, Operation: Shieldwall for ilvl 496 gear (the highest ilvl available among all factions).
Use the thing that blizz gave you for the 8th anniversary for quicker rep gains. Farm up Hozen Peace Pipe once a week off Scritch for instant 1k bonus to every rep.
If you plan on raiding get your Tillers to exalted so you can plant lots of your own food to consume for buffs.

Do 5 man heroic instances and get your ilvl to a point where you can do LFR. Mogushan Vaults first, then Heart of Fear, then Terrace.

Keep capping your valor each week so you can buy new pieces. Doing 1 heroic and 1 scenario each day should get you close. Your dailies should top you off.

Spec SV for 5 man heroics and other AoE fights.
BM for single target fights.

Watch youtube videos of boss kills (fatboss has some really great and easy to follow guides) so you can walk into LFR looking like you know what you're doing :)
sweet thx guys. and thx mezasu for a detailed info :)

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