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Are you wiping? If not, what's the problem?
this is not an exploit - the system was designed to award loot based on the CURRENT spec of a player, not based on the QUEUED spec

even if loot rewards were based on the QUEUED spec, players could STILL queue as a spec they DO NOT intend to play, and simply SWITCH specs to one the prefer to play once they join the raid, so your personal issue would still not be resolved...
People do this because they want loot for a specific role.
I constantly shift between DPS/Healing throughout an LFR.

The problem isn't people... the problem is the broken no-brain loot system that awards loot based on your current spec. Just because I'm a main spec healer, doesn't mean I don't want Shadow gear (and in fact thanks to this expansion every healer needs DPS gear more than ever).

Fix it so that you can choose when spec you role on when a kill happens and this "exploit" goes away.
12/05/2012 07:28 AMPosted by Soleiron
Well, I'm glad people are so feckless and don't care about other's experience. Of course why should we right?

if you're looking for a good experience you're starting off horribly by looking for it in lfr
The OP doesn't even seem to care about the DPS the tanks are doing, just that they are getting tank gear like it takes it from him or something.
12/05/2012 08:58 AMPosted by Waste
Does it even matter? It's not like you're competing with them for loot.

In theory, the issue is "bad dps." But in practice, you are quite right: It doesn't matter.

When I look at the bottom of the meters, the issue isn't "people in tank spec doing 30K DPS." It's "people who don't know what the buttons do doing 12K DPS."

I do feel a little guilty though. I would rather be using my dps spec to speed things along (not to mention play my class properly) as opposed to pseudo-dpsing in blood stance.

I never realized you were a dk!

12/05/2012 09:19 AMPosted by Somaliu
The crystals pop in LFR ? hehe.

This weekend, I grabbed the shroud because I know how to use it to do obscene dps, then had to go back and grab the barrier because the other tank didn't know what I was talking about.

Are tank queues even that bad nowadays? Seems like lately I queue up for LFR and a random 5man, and when I get out of the 5man my LFR queue is ready. Last night I got an instant queue.
I am of two minds on this subject.

On the one hand, I really get tired of seeing one of the six healers roles being taken by a boomkin or whatever and then later on wipe due to underwhelming heals. It bugs me to no end.

On the other hand, tank-spec dps can (and by Heart/Terrace should) be pulling respectable dps, at least the dps necessary to meet the very low expectations of LFR encounters and their enrage timers. As long as they are pulling their weight, I don't care. That is assuming they have pulled their heads out of their asses and turned off their threat generating abilities like righteous fury.

I was going to go further into this topic, but the OP showed he doesn't really care about the issue... he is just whining, and whining using an outdated mindset. Why do I say that? His second post in the thread: "we have 5 other tanks taking loot that aren't actually tanking." Tank spec dps are not taking your loot, you self-centered prick.

And finally, learn what the word exploit really means...
OP recognizes a valid concern and then dives head first into a pile of stupid.

The answer is not to punish people for dps-ing in a tank spec to get the loot they want. That's only going to hurt your queue times. Tanks queueing as dps for faster queues is helping those times by choosing the role in higher demand.

Best way to fix this is to stop handing out loot based on current spec. It seemed like a good idea at first but you literally have no chance at dps loot if you queue as a tank and have to stay in that spec and vice versa. Either make loot random based on class (i.e. you get any loot you can use regardless of spec) or allow people to pick a spec to roll for on each boss (this is effectively what people are doing now by dps-ing in tank/heal specs).

No need to punish people who aren't dumb enough to let a bad system hamper their progression just because you don't like seeing 6 tank specced dps.
In most LFRs I need one boss as blood, and the rest I generally prefer the DPS gear off of. With faster queue times as frost, it makes more sense for me to queue as DPS and switch to blood (in unholy or frost presence) for the one boss I need tanking gear off of. I do something like 30-40k DPS as DPS Blood, which frankly leaves me about 8-10th out of the DPS.

LFR DPSers are generally crap, DPSing as blood just makes me average instead of one of the top 4. You would be better served by telling the crap DPSers to stop sucking,.
LOL i didnt even know u could do this thanks OP for letting more ppl know about the exploit.
You are complaining as if they are taking your loot or something... I dps the 1st boss of the second half of Vaults in tank spec for the shield. I have since day one. Why? Because I have all the dps gear I need from him but still need alot of dps gear from the other two bosses. As long as I pull my weight and don't actually tank him then everyone is fine with it. Also, me dpsing in tank has saved the raid more than once because on of the real tanks was complete garbage and died to the point that he used up all the battle rez. I can still pull almost 30k dps in tank spec so, honestly, who cares?
Me being in tank spec for lfrs on my warrior while actually being flagged in a dps role has actually saved many wipes and hasn't caused any, I don't taunt mobs off a tank although if I see a train wreck about to happen I will step in.

Most people don't even care in fact you can be really useful to help the group ie: actually picking up crystals on feng, taunting strengths out of the raid on wote, doing pheromones on garalon, that along with my utility banners, safeguard and rallying cry I'm doing more then enough to carry my weight, more so then if i was doing mediocre damage in my arms spec.
For all that ranting you didn't think about why people spec as tank but queue as DPS.

One of the main reasons is for loot (the other is queue time).

How about allowing offspec loot again, e.g. when you win loot, you get a popup asking if you want loot for spec 1 or loot for spec 2. Or you can toggle which spec for loot somewhere in the interface.
People queuing as DPS but speccing tank isn't likely to cause problems.

Queuing as a healer and speccing DPS can though. Not always, but going from 6 healers to 4-5 makes more of a difference than going from 15 DPS to 13-14.

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