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For those of you that don't know Titan is a super top secrety secret project that Blizzard has awesome employees running around in ninja costumes at night making. It has been confirmed to be a game that Blizzard is actually working on whether or not the name is actually correct. Blizzard employees have stated in interviews that the game is being created to not interfere with the success of World of Warcraft and I am assuming it will not interfere with the success of Starcraft II.

What are your ideas about how Titan will turn out, what type of game it will be (my bid is definately FPS), and when it will come out/ be announced.

What do you see happening to World of Warcraft in the future? With declining subscripitons and a somewhat negative look at WoW's PVP experience regarding balance as of late, what do you see WoW becoming in the near future? How many more expansions do you forsee? How many more levels?
WoW has already surpassed expectations, imo. The problem isn't the game itself, it is real life. Alot of the people that could spend time on this game have grown up and don't live in mom's basement anymore. They are at college or raising kids. The flock of newer replacements just isn't happening. I'm not sure on that. I think WoW will be around for a long time.
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(my bid is definately FPS)
There was a huge rumor going around a bunch of sites and even the forums themselves about Titan being a FPS but I think the Blues and even some WoW devs have confirmed that Titan would not be a FPS.
Won't be an FPS...FireFall will be an FPSMMO, which is being released by former Blizz developers (Red 5 Studios), so I don't see Titan going the FPS route. My only speculation is that it will be an MMO of some kind, as that is where the "bread and butter" is.
Things we do know about Titan
-Its a brand new IP
-it won't compete with wow
-its aiming for a much wider audience
With this in mind, you can deduce what Titan can and can not be. It can not be any one thing like an FPS or another RPG. Sandbox is a popular word lately and Titan will not be a sandbox. However it will most likely have elements of sandbox and perhaps over time more elements will be introduced. They might have to go crossplatform. It might have elements of FPS/RTS/RPG and you may choose to play the way you want. The social aspect of the game will probably get some special attention. (i hope it doesn't turn into gamer's facebook). Also it can't be too radically different, they would still want it to feel familiar and comfortable.
My guess, as to how big the COD audience is out there, how much I hate it, it could be quite possibly something to compete with Bungies new game Destiny, a new FPS MMO [the only way to generically define it] but it wont necessarily go along the line of that, they stated that game will be genre defining.

Now im not speculating Blizz will go console, but Im just speculating a PC competing game for the opposite. You know, High Customization, Fast Paced, Action Packed Adrenaline pumping nonsense. [Just the trend of what a lot of gaming resorts to, unfortunately]

Im glad it wont compete with wow, I love the community it has, and wouldnt like to see it go anywhere else.
Call of Duty Online....

Just by another name.

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