Issues with dungeon queues.

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So I queue up for a dungeon, 15 minutes later get a random dungeon. They have most of the dungeon done. This happens all the time. All it says is random dungeon and you can enter or leave queue. Why not have it say the dungeon and how many bosses are downed if it is not a fresh group. That way I can leave the queue without getting deserter for yet another 30 minutes. I do dungeons to get the quest gear and random gear. Can not do the quests if they have already killed 3 bosses. I also PvP a lot and like to do so in each bracket as I am leveling. So XP in dungeons is very important on how much I get compared to the gear I get. So it is very frustrating to get into a random dungeon and most of it is done. I have to leave and wait 30 minutes then wait 15 minutes for another dungeon and by that time it may be the same issue so I would have to wait again. I really do not want to pay 10g to stop XP just to get some gear then turn it back on for BG.
If you want Blizzard to hear your concerns, complaints, comments and/or suggestions, you will have to post in the General or Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios Forums. There are no developers on this forum, nor are there SFAs (Support Forum Agents) that can pass on information to the dev team.

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