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So I was playing PS all stars and decided to check out the forums of that game

all the threads there wre the same thing




and so on and so on

I dont understand I play Sir daniel fortesque and I have no probs beating Sackboy in the single player at least

I also why ppl think Sir Daniel Fortesque is a bad char. Prehaps in 1 on 1 but in FFA matches his AOE attack allow him to build up lots of power for final moves
The more i think about how PSallstars game was quick to get a character nerf patch this soon, the more i wonder if it was really a bad idea or a good idea for nintendo to not have a patching system in their last smash bros game....

Although i haven't played it, so i can't comment on whether sakboy was really that op'd or not, I do wonder though if it was just a bunch of noobs who complained because they didn't understand how to form a strategy against him that worked yet.

If nintendo's last smash, brawl, had a patching system and they were quick to nerf a character before all the facts were straight, Ike, a character who has always actually been pretty mediocre, would of been nerfed in a heartbeat all because the noobs at the game couldn't understand how to dodge his insanely slow moves, despite the fact that within like the first few weeks the decent players at the game realized all it took was a simple spot dodge, or shield against his smashes, and tilts(or his quick draw/side special), and you were free to punish him with whatever move you wanted, or you could hit him with a jab, or grab him before the actual hitbox on his slow moves came out, and completely ruin his chance of hitting you at all.

on the other hand, the fact that PSAllstars still has a patching system at all, means that even if there are lots of ups and downs they can eventually get the cast worked out to be on an evenish level, they don't have to worry about a metaknight or an ice climbers issue arriving that they can't fix.

IDK, just worry now the more i think about it, if having a patching system in smash would be that good an idea, While it could mean the possible fixing of characters that actually do need to be fixed, It could also backfire and cause them to nerf characters which don't need it all because of the noobs complaining.

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