Here's a thought....

I have had my fair share of issues with some of the changes priests have undergone over the last little while, but instead of complaining I have decided to run an idea by some fellow priests. I have been feeling that Mind Flay just seems less useful from a PVP stand point. Granted, it can offer a small slow (weak compared to others imo), or even some mobility when glyphed.

The idea I had was why not make it drain small amounts of mana?

I do realize that Vampiric Touch already does this for us, but with all the other INSANE elements some classes have is it really that big of a deal? I would love to have Spectral Guise back to the way it was, but it just doesn't seem like that is ever going to happen.

I was a bit upset when they got rid of mana burn and now I find myself searching for a reason to use Mind Flay. Again, this isn't a complaint but rather a thought of something to suggest to BLizz for future changes. Anyone have any other ideas?

PS If this isn't the best place to make a post for this someone please clarify where I can find a suggestion forum.

Thank you.

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