[H] MATERIA is Recruiting for 10m Late Night

We are MATERIA, a LATE NIGHT raiding guild off of the RPPvP server Emerald Dream. We made the server change from ED to Hyjal in hopes of continuing PvE raiding that our server of Emerald Dream so painfully lacked. Heroic mode clear of all available content while still maintaining time for RL and other activities is what we strive for.


Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 10pm PST - 12am PST

465+ iLvl, Fully Gemmed/Enchanted/Reforged to best maximize your personal output.
Flasks/Pots/Buff Food will be distributed among Guildies in Raids.
90% raid attendance, pugging puts a serious dent into raiding time and progression and multiple absences will lead to replacement.

RECRUITING: NO more Druids please.
1 Tank - have dedicated DK, though accepting all but Druid.
1 Healer - disc Priest/Pally preferred, accepting all but Druid.
1 DPS - ele Shaman/Hunter preferred, accepting all but Druid.

We are friendly, casual, and all have a drive to better ourselves in game as well as outside of it. We love to help guildies as much as possible, but we will also be hard on each other that way everyone learns the game and not just to depend on others.


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