Obsolete/broken set bonuses on old raid armor

Bug Report
Many additions were made to my bug report on the Cenarion Rainment set
So I have created a new thread to address the obsolete bonuses more generally. Please post all further comments in this thread, as the Cenarion Rainment set bonus has already been fixed.

Druid Tier 1:
8-piece set bonus modifies Tranquility. Tranquility is no longer known at level 60 (the level at which this set can be worn).

Tier 3: 2 piece would not grant Runic Power to Death Knights (considering that a number of pre-WotLK content was modified to include the new class, perhaps this should too?), 4-set modifies Tranquility (but also other spells)


Tier 1: 3 set is entirely redundant (totems already have a 30 yd range)
Tier 3: 4 set modifies Mana Spring totem, which no longer exists

Tier 1: 8 set modifies both Sunder Armor and Devastate, redundant as Devastate replaces Sunder Armor
Tier 2: 3 set modifies the Strength and Agility bonus of Battle Shot, which now grants 10% AP instead
Tier 3: 4 set modifies the hit chance of Taunt, which is unneeded, and also affects Challenging Shout which no longer exists. 6 set also modifies both Sunder Armor and Devastate

Tier 3: 6 and 8 set bonuses both relate to mana usage. Hunters do not use Mana anymore

Tier 2: 3 set bonus affects Auras which do not exist anymore
Tier 3: 2 set affects Judgment of Light, which no longer exists

Tier 2: 8-set has a Heal over Time component that seems to be very, very strong. This character reports a heal of 9,357 every second for 6 seconds, which would be absurdly powerful when this set was relevant. Coincidentally, 9,357 is exactly 50 more than my current spell power - as such, I am guessing that the heal's value is 50 + spell power (which hopefully will not be a very high number for Rogues), as that heal is much more reasonable

Tier 3: 6-set modifies Curse of Agony which does not exist anymore

09/11/2012 10:11 PMPosted by Teebu
dont forget paladin, tier 2.5, 2 set bonus gives bonus time to judgements, which no longer have a duration.

09/22/2012 03:37 PMPosted by Lorinall
While we're at it, I guess I can throw in the 3-piece druid Zul'Gurub set bonus. This one isn't actually broken, but it increases the duration of Faerie Fire by 5 seconds. Since the set bonus cane out, Faerie Fire has become two debuffs: one makes the target unable to stealth or become invisible, the other is the Weakened Blows debuff. Only the former is increased. Also, the duration of Faerie fire used to be 45 seconds. Now it is 5 or 6 minutes (I forget which). At this duration, the additional 5 seconds is a ridiculous bonus. It is quite simply insignificant.

I also wanted to add that the Zul'Gurub Trinket *which is part of the Druid Zul'gurub set*, [Wushoolay's Charm of Nature] modifies Tranquility, which is no longer learned until after level 60. While looking at old Tier gear, it is probably best to fix the trinkets too. (They're no longer obtainable, but they are still in the game).

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