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Death Knight
So, I'm apparently stuck on the 5 leper gnomes as a frost dk. Does anyone have any pointers on how this should be beaten?
im not sure you will receive much response due to not many people being able to do the brawlers guild, but perhaps do it as blood? Fights will take longer, but you can solo a lot more stuff as blood than you can in frost in general, so it may translate well.
I didn't expect a lot of response, but I thought it couldn't hurt to try. And I thought about that, but there's a time limit in the fights, I believe 2 minutes.
change death pack for conversion on this fight,
use warlock candy

should'nt be hard.


go blood spec with dps gear. and chesse this close to enrage timer :D
I did this fight as blood, because as frost they chewed through my health too fast.

For almost all brawler fights, I open the same way. Use my strength trinket and a brawler's guild strength potion, then hit army and summon my ghoul. If I'm frost I hit the cooldown that gives me bonus strength. I can't remember the name. This way they both have the benefit of my increased strength.

For the lepper fight, as blood, I opened with death strike, heart strike, death strike, waited a second, then dancing rune weapon on the lowest health one. I hit outbreak to get two sets of diseases up, then blood boil to spread it around.

When dancing rune weapon had 3 seconds left I hit remorseless winter to stun them. More than anything the point of this is to make the stacking debuff fall off.

I tried to keep all five alive as long as possible, for bonus vengence. I used blood boil for the most part, because it's my highest damage move against 5 targets. Use AMS to drop stacks again, and use lichborne > Death Coil if you need to heal.

I managed to kill the last gnome as the rain of fire was moving towards me. My gear is mostly heroic, with a few LFR pieces.

Good luck!
Frost and HB for le win!

Do not glyph AMS, take Remorseless winter, glyph Dark Succor(yes it works).
AMS at around 6-8 stacks, depending on your gear. After it comes goes away, 1 should be dead. Postpone DS if you have 80%+ HP.
RW around 6 stacks, by the time the stun goes away, another should be dead, and use DS accordingly.
When you get to the last 2, its probably best to Obliterate/Frost Strike(HB if proc).

Hardest part will be getting the first guy down, then it slowly gets easier.
Well the blood thing didn't work for me honestly. I won't argue, it's probably due to my gear not being quite as good. Although I did do better than any of my previous attempts. I just couldn't get the last one down in time
Deffknight, your advice got me through it. Thanks :D
Your most welcomen.
I forgot to add, that you could actually talent LB, wait for more stacks while pooling RP, and LB spam yourself with AMS to full.

I forgot what's next, but the murderaffe is Blood-able.
Any other questions/wonderings post on in this thread again. I'll keep it tabbed up for a day to check on.
Did it as frost.

Popped army and used single target rotation to burn one down at a time. Fight lasted about 30 seconds.
Any pointers on the GG engineering? This one is giving me a headache right now x.x
i literally spammed howling blast.

12/08/2012 11:55 PMPosted by Fallenraven
Any pointers on the GG engineering? This one is giving me a headache right now x.x

go blood
this fight its ok to go blood, u should get enough veng to get some real dps out there.
blood not necessary but should be fine, just make them kill each other and don't stand in bombs

from there on out you're mostly hps over dps, but still need good dps
I'm up to rank 7 so far (just got in late last night) and did all of the fights as frost. Gnomes took me 2 tries, I just dropped stacks with Chillblains after killing each gnome. Remorseless Winter the last 2 and done and done.

I'm on GG engineering right now... Only tried it twice last night before logging off for bed, I'm excited to get in there tonight and rolfstomp them
Waiting on a friend to be able to invite me since I'm broke, but is blood somewhat viable for the guild or are the enrages just that bad.
12/10/2012 03:37 PMPosted by Lifenite
It's viable until rank 3. Then good luck with the enrage.

I did about 60% of the fights from rank 1 to 7 as blood. I just wore DPS gear in my blood spec and used strength buffs. It almost felt like cheating half the time.
Blood on GG engineering is perfect to be honest, if you use the mechanics of that fight to your advantage it's actually quite trivial.

This battletron though, he is a pain in the butt.
Thanks, and sorry op for kinda hijacking your thread there.
any tips for the murderaffe? I usually go in as unholy.

Oh and for raven lord, you need to aoe down the adds then kite out the enrage, pew pew. I killed him like that as unholy. Oh and for the gnome guys, RM works.

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