Brawler Pointers?

Death Knight
Blood on GG engineering is perfect to be honest, if you use the mechanics of that fight to your advantage it's actually quite trivial.

This battletron though, he is a pain in the butt.

Yeah, that.
any tips for the murderaffe? I usually go in as unholy.

Oh and for raven lord, you need to aoe down the adds then kite out the enrage, pew pew. I killed him like that as unholy. Oh and for the gnome guys, RM works.

For the giraffe you can blood and vengeance it up, as dps you just need to burst him down before he can kill you.

12/10/2012 02:25 PMPosted by Orruon
Waiting on a friend to be able to invite me since I'm broke, but is blood somewhat viable for the guild or are the enrages just that bad.

There's a few fights where you can abuse vengeance, but for most of the later fights it won't get the job done.

Couple general overall tips:
Master gaming your runes for death siphon. Treat it like a basic masterfrost build, but keeping a frost rune up in addition to an unholy. You need to be able to manage this to do some of the fights, especially some of the rank 8's.

Get used to waiting on army. Sucks, but with the gear we currently have available it's just required for the hard enrages.

Train yourself not to overreact early. You'll appreciate it when you get to stuff like GG and can move suddenly without moving too far.

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