Demonic gateway bug PVP

Bug Report
Demonic gateway often becomes unusable for a player who was decently cc'd near it and the only way to be able to use it again seems to be running far away and coming back. This bug is especially prevalent in a pvp situation where crowd control is frequent.
has anyone else experienced this?
still bugged
Yeah, I posted about it too, as have some other warlocks. It's a serious issue. There's video evidence of it happening in arena, as well. go to about 2:13ish
still broken
dozens of blue posts later, nobody addressing this huge bug
still broken
Yep, still broken.

I've most often seen it happen when:
- I was rooted;
- tried clicking gateway while rooted;
- gateway didn't work, presumably because rooted;
- received no gateway debuff, which makes sense, since gateway wasn't used;

however, clicking gateway after root goes away gives the message "You cannot use the gateway yet", even though no gateway debuff is visible.

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