Hello all, Just wondering if this servers alliance side has a good steady population. Looking to get back with some old friends and a good economy. Coming from a very dead server i need a change of pace in a big way. Let me know your thoughts on the server as for alliance side. Thanks.
Bananajack - I am certain (soon) this thread will be filled with doom and gloom about what a dead server Dalaran is and how nothing happens, the sky actually falls, day is night, cats sleep with dogs, and all other manner of doom.

Is Dalaran as highly populated as it once was? Probably not.
Did some of the hard core raiding guilds leave the server? Yes.
Are there are mix of active guilds to choose from depending upon your needs? Yes.
Economy? I find the AH acceptable but having read many posts over the years, what makes acceptable to one is not to another.

I am not trying to be ambivalent on purpose. On Alliance I would not say the server is "very dead", but then again our guild is active. I see others on my friend's list on quite often. One thing is you can get your dailies done without queuing up for spawns ;)

Certainly happy to answer any specific questions.
I recently did a little poking around at guildox:

"L90 Pop"

Dalaran - 5509 "L90 Pop"

Look at thost top 10 servers: 12-18k "L90 Pop"

Is it horrible here? no. Is it better than spinebreaker? (L90 Pop - 2811), probably.

$25 for a transfer, i'd consider at a minimum 10k.

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