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<<Lordaeron Temple Knights>>
(Full guild name (IC): The Temple Knights for the Restoration of Lordaeron)

The Temple Knights for the Restoration of Lordaeron is a military and holy order, whose foremost goal is the restoration of the once great human kingdom of Lordaeron.

The order itself was founded in Year 25 by Lord Bishop Daern Truefaith. As time progressed the mantle of military leadership was passed down through various skilled commanders. At present, the Lord Marshal is Luxias Forsen. Since its founding, the order has orchestrated and taken part in numerous military campaigns, missions, battles, and wars.

To serve with us means you will be devoting yourself to our cause. And the road to restoration is not an easy one to walk. You will be tested in every way. You will march through the mires, the hills, the fields, and forests. The elements will not always be kind for we will make our camps in rain and snow. In battle, you will be exhausted and yet must press on. But through your trials and tests will you became something far greater than you ever were before. You will be become a true Temple Knight of Lordaeron.

At present, the Temple Knights’ primary focus is on defending the few land holdings inhabited by refugees from the Forsaken’s imperialistic expansions in the north or those dispossessed by economic conditions in the south.

<About Us>
Brochure Website: (This site is a quick way to see what we're about and give you a taste of our love for details and dynamic stories.)
RP Type: Heavy
RP Themes: Military, Religious, Political
RP Alignment: Lawful-Good
Faith Alignment: The Holy Light
Stormwind City Headquarters: Argent Dawn Office (We use this for interviews before you're shipped up North to Tyr's Hand).
Base of Operations: Tyr's Hand, Eastern Lordaeron
*As of August 2012 the guild has existed for 2 years*

<In Summary, the Long term aims Lordaeron Temple Knights (IC)>
The Temple Knights are a military order focused on retaking the kingdom of Lordaeron and any lands currently occupied by the Forsaken or the Horde. This includes Lordaeron itself, the Highlands of Arathi, Hillsbrad Foothills, Alterac, and supporting the Alliance forces that now fight against the Forsaken in Gilneas. In the end our goal is to see the lands in the North back in the hands of the people it was taken from.

*Unaccepted Classes: Death Knights; Warlocks; Shadow Priests (with some exception, if you ever see a Warlock or a Death Knight in our ranks it is almost 100% of the time an alt of one of our other members. We are very strict when it comes to this policy.)
*An application MUST be submitted, this means you will need to make an account with
* While the Temple Knights will be a predominantly Human guild (due to our IC objectives and aims), we accept all races into our ranks, so long as they have a desire to see Lordaeron restored and the Forsaken destroyed.
* Sense of humor and mildly thick skin
* Members should be at least level 39 in order to "phase" into Tyr's Hand via the small quest chain offered by the Forsaken inside Lights Hope Chapel.
*We, as a guild, go on adventures, take on old world content, have several small and large scale story archs most of the time, and have a solid base of active members. If this is something you would like to be a part of, please drop by our website to submit an application and one of our officers will contact you in-game to coordinate a meeting.
*Members of LTK are also expected to wear a uniform that is assigned to you depending on what part you play in the guild. (Mages, Priests, Druids, Plated Fighters, Scouts and Rangers all have their own). This uniform will be required to be worn at any military based event.

<What you'll find in LTK (ooc guild wise)>

* Active in the role play community
* Friendly and knowledgeable leadership
* Mature (18+) and fun social atmosphere
* Help with quests, crafting and role play
* Very active player base, both during the day, late afternoon and evenings
* Weekly events for the guild story line
* Full functional website, complete with active forums (for those of us bored at work)
* Guild Wiki site for guild and character lore
* Use of multiple media forms to enhance your imaginative experience with us.
Bump! Be certain to check out the brochure sometime! There is some awesome stuff there!
Good to see LTK back on the front page.
It is good to see our new forum post indeed. Liu Shen very much approves of what this group of humans is doing!
Great group of people and it's one of the best Alliance RP guilds I've been in.
Awesome!! Very good to have this back up and goin!
You should join because we have cookies.
Unfortunately, I ate all of the cookies. But I'm sure Guhn will make more.
Oh he will! I'll make sure he'll make more cookies. Cookies for all!
Yay the Knights have taken me in as a friend! Soon they shall see my true warrior skills Hai yah!
Just checked out your website ( I am thoroughly impressed by the simplicity and the information provided by it. The song also adds a really awesome ambiance and quite frankly, gave me goosebumps!

If I weren't so busy, I would definitely look into putting in an application and trying my hand at this type of role play.

Well done to you folks and best of luck in all of your endeavors!

Oorah, deebadaw.
Thanks Beatrix, we appreciate that! :)
Yes, thank you Beatrix :)
I've come to bump this thread. Now I retire to watch Supernatural and ponder the important things in life, such as ham or turkey sammich...mmm.
Bumping the thread before logging on!

As far as the three books go you're good on those, all of our paladins follow the three virtues.

Yes, we do accept Zealous paladins. Most of our paladins are very zealous towards the Forsaken and now the Horde.

As far as our circle, yes they would. As long as you're a believer in the Light they'll happily accept you and would probably see it as just a temporary block that with time and unwavering faith will be fixed.

As for disconnected characters, that's no problem as long as you do RP with members once in a while in some way and make events.

Modaeus- Our GL removed you from the roster so you can re-apply at the link. :)

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