The Lordaeron Temple Knights [A-RP]

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Late night pokes. :)
Early morning pokes. 8D
After work Slam!
Bump for Lordaeron.
Just a bump? Is that all Tara? Jeez.
Um. A bump means a lot, Anrothan.
The Thunder King comes.
I think I saw you guys once outside of Undercity, bunch of gravestones babbling about the Light?

*bumps the thread getting ichor all over the pages*

Do come back!
Ah yes! I was leading a mini guild campaign out there a week or so ago. You wish for us to come back? With pleasure.

PS. Thanks for the bump! <3
Oh, hai.

You look like paladins.

I dislike paladins.

You shall b dealt with.

*hisses and slithers away on stomach awkwardly*
Oh hai, Nox!

You look like... a DEATH KNIGHT! PURGE IT! GET RI--

I mean.. I dislike Death Knights.

You also shall be dealt with.

<Gets spritzer bottle filled with Holy Water and follows>
Come on Weston, he's not a child or a Dwarf that you can simply squirt with a Spray bottle and make them go away! You gotta make them drink from... THE FIRE HOSE! *I wonder how many will get that reference?*
Thank you for replying Tara.
And yes I HAVE been part of your guild on an alt. He's on my second account. And still am.

But I'm still wondering if you guys do that kind of RP?
You know the one about how your guild claims to have killed all the Argents and "taken over" their lands in Tyr's Hand, Light Hope Chapel, Hearthglen and other areas.
That you all, according to your website which I still have access to. Even after you all locked the forums down so no one from the outside could read what you really do. BTW Tara loved that post, a friend screen shotted it before you removed it. And in your guild forums the way you hate me.
It's beautiful, truely.

What I'm doing is asking a simple question. If you all have changed your RP I would be happy to chat again!
But you removed my post, Posted a hate tell. And the edited it before the GM's would see to repost "Bump!" Seeing the numbers on the upper left of each post go from #296 to #298.

Don't like it when someone asks an honest question? I mean your friends would surely already know about how LTK has killed off every single Argent alive in the EPL and WPL according to your guild forums. Unless you changed that! Which would be fantastic!

I'm certain this will be reported and removed by you all for "trolling" which shall prove my point from before. You all want to do this "stand alone kingdom" roleplay, cool whatever. But expect others to question you on it. Which I am doing. It's an honest question and to the GM who reads this post.
Hello and salutations! I'd like to ask simple questions. But could you repost #297 on this thread? I feel it was unfairly removed and would be more then willing to discuss it.
That was never what happened, wherever you are getting the idea we killed any Argents at all. We've never held Hearthglen. There are Argents in Light's Hope Chapel. And They hold an Embassy in Tyr's Hand in our RP. As far as the story with the Argents that you're speaking of, there was an in depth military investigation that held no fatalities on either side with the exception of a single corrupt Argent officer and his cohorts. In fact, in our RP, the officer who headed the investigation is noted for the lack of death on his part through the whole thing. I know without explaining the whole thing in full that at first glance things can look bad, which was always a concern with the story when we first put it together and why we had fine fine tune everything within reason.

As far as the idea of a Kingdom, it's there to a small degree. We do RP that Lordaeron is attempting to be rebuilt in many ways by the people coming back in our wake, mostly around Tyr's Hand, Corin's Crossing, and along the mountains. Things are not exactly all bustling towns and thriving cities, that would be crazy with what time has passed, but there are people there attempting to rebuild as much as they can as we hold off the Forsaken as best we can.

Also, Tara will happily repost her former post I'm told.

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