The Lordaeron Temple Knights [A-RP]

Wyrmrest Accord
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12/09/2012 07:24 AMPosted by Tyrelan
Retrimootion, we will always have room in our hearts for a slab of beef with a heart of gold.

This is a very old guild. A very old guild that I like a lot. I shall bump their thread for Lordaeron.
This guild gets a thumbs up.
Hey Thank Folcard. Velilililililthvia! Thank you!
Good Morning Friends.
Bumping to the awesomeness.
Look at the Pandas!
Liushen just looks awesome and you can't even say anything against it :(
The Dark Lady does not approve this message!
The Remnant Legion of General O'Siodhachain have Rejoined the Order in its fight to Retake and resettle Lordaeron!
I made more cookies.
I like cookies...... a lot.
Oooo cookies!
Cookies.. what is everyones obsession with them?
It tastes oh-so-delicious! Like you would never believe it! /gasp!
Hello all <3
Awesome members, awesome storylines, and an all arouond awesome time! Come check us out sometime!
It sounds like a whole lotta awesome, Merri.
Bumpity bump bump.

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