The Lordaeron Temple Knights [A-RP]

Wyrmrest Accord
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Good afternoon everyone <3
-passes out cookies-

lyk if lordaeron makes u cry everytim :'(
Free Lordaeron!
Late morning speed bump, ahoy!
Late morning? It still 5:30AM here!
Well given, I am on the west coast.
West Coast! We need to stick together!
East Coast is nicer...
Are we really going to start this whole East/West coast thing again? LOL

To be fair, the East Coat is a lot nicer.
Goood Morning
Hello WrA Forums!
Late evening pokes!

Thanks for the RP armor idea.

Good morning!
Liu Shen says it is wise to keep this thread at the top.
I shall bump this! bump-bump!
I see Borderland Coalition <3

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