The Lordaeron Temple Knights [A-RP]

Wyrmrest Accord
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I am cuddly and cute. *hip checks thread* Back up hehehe!
I like this thread.
Good morning!
Hey yo Fei Mei!
Hey Shen! Happy New Year all!
Happy New Year, everyone!
I will cuddle this thread to death.
I applied to your guild. Because I want to be a part of your action. *stares blankly for a little bit too long*

And...because you guys seem really cool and fun ^_^
To our's and their's glory!
And a good morning! Your application's been processed, Faelyse!
Goooooodafternoon! I brought cookies. -cookies them- They are Darkshire cookies, even. With blue frosting and a little chocolate and somewhat dead tree. (we dont call them dead, we call them sleeping >.> ssssshh)
*Heroic leaps through the roof and lands in this thead* COOKIES!!!
I feel like I'm the only Night Elf in the entire world that cares even a little bit about Lordaeron.
Yer special <3
The last... 15 posts are a little creepy...
They are sweet and gentle.
Yeah no...
You just need a panda hug. COME HERE! *holds arms out*
This thread is Everson approved.

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