Tier 5 talent

Death Knight
Which one is the best to use? Every DK I inspect is using a different one. Ive tried them all, and I still am not sure which one i should use. Could someone explain which one i should use and why?
For PvE or PvP and for which spec?

For PvE UH usually Runic Corruption is the way to go since it's the simplest to manage and lines up all your runes nicely. Frost 2H I prefer RE for overall more rune procs, for DW BT works best and is a DPS increase since you don't have to worry about gaming RE.

For PvP it's more or less Blood Tap all the way for runes on-demand for Necrotic Strike and whatever else you may be using.
sorry forgot to state which spec, i swap between 2h frost and dw frost. I mainly PvP, but occasionally PvE as well.
For PvP, BT is what you want to use. For PvE, refer to the above, though you may want to keep BT since you'll be familiar with it.
awesome, thanks
I found RE easy to use in Cata and stuck with it. RC has lower results. I only use BT as Blood since timing is key. But BT is annoying imo.
They are balanced pretty well.

BT offers the best control.
RE offers the most possible runes
RC offers the easiest of the 3 to manage.

Pick the one that works best for you.
RC sucks for aoe situations, because you generally are prioritizing certain runes over others, if you're using howling blast primarily, proccing a free Death or Frost rune is much more helpful than recharging UH runes, in that sense, I'd never touch RC for frost with the current build.

BT has the highest returns if you use it the best, especially on any encounter (both pvp and pve) that you need on demand burst.

RE is the in between, if you know how to game it, it works out well, but limits your use of UH runes as frost.

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