491 Feral Druid 5/6H 16/16N

Hello I am looking for a Heroic progressing guild, i am currently 5/6 in MSV and 16/16 normal.
looking for a guild with similar progression or higher 10 or 25 man does not matter to me.

-I want a Core raiding spot i dont mind being benched for some fights
-I am looking for a solid guild that has good progression
-I can raid anywhere from 7pm-3am EST

What i can offer your guild

-100% attendance
-Great DPS, Here some logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-tca8m7w5ahgvpxrb/
-Great attitude i love to help strategy for a new boss we encounter in progression
-Experience i have played WoW Since end of vanilla all the way to Panda! with on and off breaks

How to contact me:
Whisper october ingame
Hi there October!

Jenova Project is a guild that has been rapidly progressing since early Cataclysm
We are currently seeking an offtank for a core spot in our progression raids.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9pm - 1am eastern.
Our current progression is 4/6H 1/6H 4/4N, with more bosses to die soon.

If Interested contact Twiggie or Hashpz. via whispers or ingame mail.
or battle tag

We hope to hear from you!
- Sincerely ,
Jenova Project.

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