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I'm seeking a progression guild that raids between the hours of 9pm and 1am GMT +8 (Perth Time). I would prefer Horde but would also consider Alliance. I am happy to do a full roster (4 hours 4+ nights a week) for the right guild but am not interested if the progression does not match the time invested.

Looking for a guild that has cleared (or is close to) 16/16 normal mode and is currently into heroic progression. I am currently 2/6 Heroic MV and 4/6 Normal HoF but my guild has been having serious recruitment issues over the past month and progression has hit a standstill.

Please note that I am after a core spot and I believe my performance will warrant a core position. I don't want to be a bench warmer but I do understand that at some point I will be required to sit out for whatever reason

10 or 25man I would consider either but I would very much prefer 25man.

I also have a 484 Resto Shaman (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/khaz'goroth/balls/advanced) which has been my main so far in MoP if you require one but I would much prefer to raid as a Hunter.

note: I am currently working on getting together the mats for 600 LW but leather seems to be scarce on my current server so it is coming together slowly.

You can contact me on BattleTag Brad#1113.
Strong player will be a great pickup for any guild progressing on the heroics
Hey mate,

I "may" have a spot for you in our core raid team.

We raid 8-12 ST Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

Our progression is 6/6 MSV, 6/6 HoF, 3/4 ToES (with protectors on Elite). We start heroic progression in the coming reset.

If your interested contact myself or any of our members ingame who can point you to me (or just send me an ingame mail), or skip that step and go direct to www.ponyvendor.guildlaunch.com and drop us an app.

Thanks for the offer but those raid times don't really suit me.
Bawla player. Snag him while you can.
Nox Aeterna is a relatively new guild on Khaz-Goroth looking to rebuild our core team.

currently looking for a couple of DPS for our core 10M grp.

Progression: 2/6H MV, 5/6 HoF. Been held back due to raiders leaving for RL issues.

Also looking for a dedicated ranged dps, preferably ele shaman but any exceptional dps will be considered.

Raid Times:
9:30pm- 12:30am GMT+8 Wed/Thur/Sat/Sun

Contact Leisong in game or battletag Aurora#6677
Hi Kristina,

My guild is searching for a reliable and competent DPS to join our raid team. We are Perth/Singapore time based and raid later than usual so maybe we suit what you are looking for.

Please check out my thread for more information.

Cheers mate.

can also play a warrior if you don't need a hunter :>

We're 2/6 H MSV, 6/6 Hof, 4/4 ToES and we're looking for more to join us to do 25s.

Drop us an application at http://kolguild.com

I'll also try to get in touch with you through real id.

Not sure if you were talking to me or in general, but a warrior or hunter would work well either which way.

If you're interested in us, please drop an app @ j316.wowstead.com

Cheers mate.

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