Arboretum flight path bug

Bug Report
Every time I fly to the arboretum from the shrine of two moons, when the flight path drops me off there, I immediately go into a loading screen and end up at Dawn's Blossom.

ETA: It seems anywhere I fly to in the Jade forest puts me at Dawn's Blossom. Friend was able to replicate it on his computer as well.
I have had the same problem for the last few days on multiple characters.
OMG my friend is experiencing that same issue atm. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Bustylock out.
Hmm, just wanted to see if others were experiencing this too....the first couple of times I was thinking I just misclicked...
I am having the same issue with multiple flight paths since the last reset.
Friend of mine had this happen to him and he insists its because they're putting CRZ into Pandaria.
This is happening everywhere to me, literally everywhere. The full flight path happened from the Shrine to the Shado-Pan Garrison, but after the thing touched down I got a double loading screen and was dumped at the previous spot, Rensai's Outpost. I'm in Northrend at the moment, and I flew from Dalaran to Transitus Shield, and as soon as it touched down in Coldarra I again got the double loading screen and was dumped at Amber Ledge. This is rather obnoxious.
I'm also experiencing this bug. Doesn't happen everytime since I seem to be able to fly in from Krasarang Wilds without a problem. Most other places I fly into the Arboreteum and while in the process of dismounting the taxi I get the load screen. The load bar fills 2-3 times and then I'm in Dawn's Blossom. I've opened up all of Pandaria (even Exalted with Cloud Serpents) so it shouldn't be a phasing issue.
I just flew from Ironforge to Marshtide Watch in the Swamp of Sorrows and got the loading screen when I landed, then pulled back to Bogpaddle. Not the first time it's happened, but the most recent.
I have been having this issue almost daily since the last patch. I will take a flight path and right before I land at the chosen location I will get a load screen and I will appear at another flight path near by. It happened to me twice today a lone. It happens when I try to go to Shado Pan Garrison and when I try to go to the Arboretum. I put in a bug report in game.
This keeps happening to me, only at the Arboretum flight point
This has happened to me too when flying there. I end up back at Dawn's Blossom.

It has also happened twice today on a lower level toon in both Feralas and the Wetlands.
This also happens to me when flying from shrine to arboretum.
Yeah I just spent real time watching my character land in Silithus and the game instantly goes through a few quick CRZ loading screens and I end up in Feralas at the flight path. Very lame bug.
happens to me from shrine of two moons to arb but landed at dawn's blossom.
Okay, I won't start another thread about this bug, but my brother and I are both having the same problem, whether we are in a group or not. We try to fly from the Shrine to the arboretum and it drops us off, then immediately goes to a load screen and we end up in Dawn's Blossum.
I am experiencing a similar bug. Have had it from Shrine to Jade Serpent (Dawn's Blossom), and Shrine to Shado-pan Garrison (Rensai's Outpost).
I've been having this issue too (including 5 minutes ago). The 2 "common" ones I've been dealing with are the Arboretum/Dawn's Blossom and Shado-Pan Garrison/Rensai's Outpost. Today is the first time I've encountered the same issue outside of Pandaria. I flew from IF to Greenwarden's Grove but upon landing was ported back to Whelgar's Retreat (which like the others is 1 stop short).

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