I demand a refund! (When the (real) world ends)

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every year the calender ends and repeats, and how MANY times was thw world spose to end before now?

was it not 1999/2000 and other years before that time, its been predicted so many times now and have all be proven false

I asked my dad how many doomsdays he's lived through once. He said about twenty or so. He's 53 years old, so that's one every two and a half years or so.
Even if a planet smashes into us or whatever, I'm still going to have to go to work Dec 22.

My account subscription expires 3 whole days AFTER the world ends. I want a refund on those 3 days so I can actually spend the money on something I can use!

Thank you

Let's see if the world ends first and then if it does, we can discuss options. ;)

Where's your sense of adventure? Offer them double their money back if the world ends with time remaining on the account.
here you go! your welcome! see you on the 22nd
Yet one more post with blues in it while the serious topics collect dust.
Two more blue posts, actually. From the same blue, but whateves.

u jelly?

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