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When if ever is it ok to use cloth as a substitute for leather? The reason why I ask is because there is no rep gear for the shoulder, wrist and hands slots with spirit on it good for healing. There's none for chest either but I managed to get a robe made for me.

I don't raid much because I'm in a small guild and if I do raid it will be in LFR and want to have the best pre-raiding gear as I can before I attempt that. I can get cloth alternatives from the August Celestials and Golden lotus but I wanted some input as to what other resto druids had to do to get upgrades for these slots.
No, above level 85, never.

The best pre-raiding gear you can get will be all leather. Even if it's lower ilvl than the cloth you'd have access to.
Bracers: Star Summoner Bracers from Shado-Pan Monastery
Belt: the heroic version of what you already have, from Mogushan Palace

You already have a high enough ilvl to start doing LFR, though, so what's the problem?
My clothie healer was able to "cheat" the system cause theres TON of pvp spirit gear which helps immensely starting Heroics. My monk and Druid on the other hand cant find a single piece of spirit pvp gear so it's a "little tougher" to fresh entry a Heroic. Not saying it's hard by any means, but theres FAR less stress on my Holy/Disc priest cause I can stack a lot more spirit and Int
Ok thanks. I just wanted to make sure I was geared enough before I started raiding I didn't want to get into a raid and not keep people alive. I just don't understand why there is no leather with spirit for gloves shoulders and bracers. I totally forgot about the 5% int bonus for leather thanks.

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