Keybinding Help (Balance)

I have been playing Balance for a long time now and I just got back into the game, but I am overwhelmed with all the new abilities. It seems like I don't have enough space to put everything I need in a good place. Any suggestions? Are there any abilities that I can forget about? Also, what are some good places on the keyboard to put some more keybinds in?
Use the search function, there are a lot of threads on this topic out there.
I can't find a post with any advice, can anyone help?
Everything horizontally across from ` to 6 on your keyboard should be easy enough to hit. I personally also use R, T, Y, F, G, H, Z, X, C, V and B, as well as shift-modifer keybinds bound to almost every one of them. If you don't find yourself using a particular spell you have keybound often, consider binding it to something that would be more inconvenient to use (this would be alt and ctrl modifers for me, as I don't use those often), so as to free up a good keybind.

You also have your mouse. Most people don't make use of the middle mouse button to actually move. Go ahead and keybind that to something else. Also mouse wheel up and down are excellent keybinds alot of people don't take advantage of. Rebind the zoom in/zoom out to ALT: mouse wheel up and ALT: mousewheel down instead, and you have another two easy keybinds.

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