Selling new gaming computer to build another?

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Short story: Built new computer 6-8 week ago and have not used it since, son got a rare deadly disease that needed my full attention. What caused it was his allergic reaction to penicillin found in his medication. Everything is fine now :-)

Anyways, my sisters computer fried on her three days and offered to buy mine off me, having not been on in a while I told her to save the money and ill sell it for cost ($1400).

She has half of that currently and I am going to maybe let her make payments on the rest.

My question is: What can I build this go around for about $700-900 that could play on medium settings or better. I would like a small desktop so I can hook it up to my television with ease and I will need everything again.

I don't want something as powerful as what I currently have being that I am super casual now and probably going back to college plus I have another child on the way.

Hell even a laptop in that range will work for me.

Budget: $700-900, BUT I could get crazy again and spend $1400, lol.

W/ever savings I have is going into my new gun savings :-)

Take a look at that guide.

You can certainly do quite well for that price point.

Hope your son is recovering.
I know the guide and am well knowledge'd, was curious on other's opinions in this matter.

I was thinking maybe the new vishera line, Fx 6300 with AM3+ 970, 8gb on memory and then still undecided about graphic unit. The 7950 I have now is amazing but over kill for going casual.

Was thinking trying Nvidia this go around with the gtx 660 or thereabouts, maybe something cheaper.

And thank you. My son is doing very well again, was a freak thing and his doctors freaked out when he tested positive, usually only elderly get what he had. It was C diff, scary stuff.
Well, I'm thinking on going with an FX-6300 myself, and a 990X motherboard that ASUS has a rebate on. Graphics card, low end would for me would a 7770, but I'm leaning more towards a 7850, though not a 7870 unless I catch a hot sale.

For me, the switch is from Intel/Nvidia, because I want some variety.

If I were going a bit cheaper, I'd really consider a Trinity chip, since this system is just a tide-over till Intel's next line comes out.
Almost worth selling and waiting till next gen, then buying last generation (current) on sale.

Not like wow is going anywhere fast or fresh...

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