rogue vs war

60% resil vs rogue...die in the opener as a warrior...if i trinket the 4 seconds cheap shot i get instant 5 kidney and die in that .. if i dont trinket the 4 seconds cheap shot i die before thats over...someone explain that to me...

dead serious , looking for constructive comments not flaming nerds
Flaming nerd reporting for duty!

Defensive Stance and Second Wind should keep you up. If he pops all cooldowns, trinket, fear him, and shockwave after he trinkets.
Honestly I have to agree somewhat with the OP, I've definitely died sometimes in 2s because he can't 100-0 me in the opener with 58% resil right? So I should save trinket for later right? Apparently not lol. Welcome to MoP. Not saying that rogues are OP at all cause plenty of classes can do stupid damage. Just find it amusing that the theme for MoP is to trinket in the first 3 seconds.

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