Extraneous Loading Screens/Flight Path Oddity

Bug Report
It seems every time I fly someplace, I'm bombarded with a loading screen. Logging in, zoning in to instances, zoning to different continents, hits me with 3-4 loading screens each time, each one faster than the last.

I feel this is somehow connected to the flight path errors, where on ewill take a flight to a place far away, and instead of landing in the proper place - even though you can watch yourself fly there - you're immediately teleported back a flight path on the chain you followed to get to your destination - complete with loading screen.
This just happened to my Pandaren monk.

I set my flight to Nesingwary Camp in Sholazar. I landed at the Camp, then the game suddenly tossed up 2 more loading screens and when I loaded back in, my monk was standing at the River's Heart flight master instead.

Suspect this has something to do with CRZ?
If it had something to do with that, I'd expect it to have started sometime when CRZ was first implemented. This is a recent change, unfortunately. ):
I have this problem, too, especially if I alt + tab out of WoW and click back on my client to continue playing the game. It usually happens when I take a long flight path (think of from Jade Forest all the way to Dread Wastes) and don't wanna watch everything go past me.
My guildies and I are having occasional issues with the flight path errors. We fly to our destination but as we land, we get hit with a loading screen and get dumped at the last flight point prior to our destination that we passed through. If I go to Shado Pan Garrison, I always end up at Renzai's Watch. If I go to the Arboretum, I end up at Dawn's Blossom. One of my guildies frequently goes to Pearlfin Village to farm for turtle meat and crocolisk belly but he gets dumped back at Paw'don Village.

It's not a matter of having selecting the wrong destination - we are actually in the process of landing at the right location when we get hit with the loading screen and ported to another. Since Pandaria is not fully opened to CRZ yet, CRZ shouldn't be the cause.
Also happening in the old world..and as others have said it's a fairly recent bug. I'm levelling up my archaeology today and am constantly getting this error. I land, get the load screen once or twice and finding myself 1 landing spot back from where i was trying to get to. It's not game breaking...but it is incredibly annoying.

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