Undead kitty form :o

I could just imagine how badass that would look.

Undead Cat, All skeleton, then with Incarnation Skeleton Cat with Armor on it :') /froffssss

What race do u think we make a badass druid? and describe what u think their forms would look like
and then hours ago you were trolling someone about blood elf druids. i can see blood elf druids before blizzard even thinks of undead druids...
at least blood elves have potential for druidism, they just chose not to.
The race that I've ALWAYS wanted to see as Druids?


I want a bad !@# tanking Dwarf Druid. You know how Night elf Druids have floppy ears, Trolls have Tusks, Tauren have Horns

Well, I always wanted a Druid Bear with a Big Red Man Beard!

I have 4 cats that I got recently that I love very much. It's the reason I play this character as much as I am in Mists. The very idea of a zombie cat makes me want to hug all 4 simultaneously.

So no.
I know the story of the game is very important, but my favorite race are the undead and i really enjoy the druid class but really hate the available druid class. Why just can't remake a little bit the history and everyone enjoy our favorite race and class? Please blizz?
skeleton cat would be bad imo, would need to be an actual looking cat but with an undead-ish feel to it.. maybe some rotten skin.
Ignoring lore for a minute... Gnome druids.

Kitten form, cub form, fawn form, sapling form, and peep form.
Peep form!

taking lore out of the picture. orcs orcs i love freacking orcs there big there green and they are awsome. and also i just love there lore to. so yah

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