Wasted Knights (H) is recruiting.

Burning Legion
Hello Burning Legion. <Wasted Knights> is recruiting. Our core has been raiding together for years and across MMOs, but we're always looking to add quality people of all playstyles to our ranks. New to this server for Mists, our guild was founded in March of 2007 on Fenris, Alliance side. Seeking a more active raiding community, and joining with some friends from SWTOR, we transferred here.

Currently we're level 25, with most perks unlocked. For our raid team we provide free gems and enchants to raid won gear. We also hand out flasks and feasts. Potions are also made available to raiders. Alts, Raiders, and non raiding members also receive a repair stipend. We raid on Friday and Monday evenings from 8-10pm server, and use a council system to distribute loot. With 5.4, we are also running a flex raid on Sunday evenings!

With our policy of overfilling raids, our team isn't recruiting for either "Core" or "Bench" players. Rather, we're looking to expand our roster to take advantage of the ability to truly "Bring the Player" and have a good time with more like minded people. Yes, this means there will be nights where you will be asked to sit. We maintain a sit rotation that includes officers. This is to ensure that the team always raids, while 100% attendance isn't required of our members. We're 8/14 for this tier's progress on normal mode.

Healer recruitment focus: Resto Shaman
Ranged recruitment focus: Boomkin, Shadowpriest
Melee recruitment focus: Rogue
Tank recruitment focus: Death Knight
Hybrid recruitment focus: Healer/DPS

Still not convinced you want to drop your guild to join some team you've never heard of? Well, you don't even need to /gquit to start raiding with us! Come along on our flex-raid night and if: A) You have a good time B) Perform your role well, and C) Are a team player, we'd love to bring you onboard!

If you're interested in learning more about us, please contact myself, Thekurgan, Auriannah, or Confucius ingame.

Edited for progress.
Bumping this post for my Knights!
Original post edited to reflect updated recruitment status.
Updated original post to reflect new recruitment focus.
Updated original post for progression and recruitment focus.
Still looking for a holy pally?
I'm 491 equipped with 6/6 4/6 1/4
Haven't raided in a few months since my group fell apart, looking to find a solid group for the start of a new tier.
Updated for recruitment goals heading into 5.4
Updated progression and recruitment focus.
Come raid with us! Bump it up.

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