Monk Looking for New Home.

Hi there Proudmoore!

Due to a hectic new work schedule, I've been trying to find a server that is active after 12 midnight PST or on weekends. The server I'm currently on is plenty active, but it is hard to find a guild with later play times. I heard Proudmoore might fit the bill, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
Just curious if this server has an active group late night player base, and how the server is in general.
Currently this is my only 90, but I would bring an alt or two with me. Probably my Paladin and Warlock.
I'm mainly looking for a group to run dungeons, maybe an occasional achievement run or bg, and just have a good time with.
Raiding would be fun, though it's not my top priority due to my current schedule.
I am willing to faction change if the fit is right.

Thanks for listening to my spill. Hope to hear from some of ya!
Aye, I don't think you'd have a problem. You'd probabyl want to look for an Aussie guild. They are typically on around that time. There are some US guilds that are on this time, but are more rare. I'd suggest just logging on and "spamming" trade chat to see if any guilds reply for what you ask then talk to them from there about transferring. :)

On that note though, Horde is a lot smaller community here so if you plan to stick with horde, you might not have much luck on horde side.

Good luck! I hope you find something!

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