<Incarceration> 10m Recruiting for HM!

Area 52
<Incarceration> (6/6, 2/6, 2/4) is a 10 man raiding guild currently recruiting to push for HM progression. With a late start, it's been tough to recruit, so we're turning to the *gasp* forums!

About us:
Incarceration is a guild of like minded progression raiders. Most of our raiders have been a part of top 5 guilds on the server in previous tiers, including Succession, Stay Thirsty, and others.
We raid Thursday/Friday, 7-11 server, and Sunday, 6-9 server.

What we want:
We are currently seeking 1 Shaman(Ele or Resto) or Druid (Balance or Resto)

To be considered, be a good player - this means understanding the mechanics of your class, of the fight, how they interact, and how to get the best out of your character on any encounter. Our raiders pretty consistently rank on World of Logs, while simultaneously not standing in fire.
Come prepared - since we only raid two nights per week, we need your A-game for those two nights.

If you're interested, send a whisper or in-game mail to Chippen, or do a /who Incarceration and ask for the right person to talk to!
To the top with ye'!
Zip Zop Boopity Bump
Well we're movin' on up (movin' on up!)
To the East side!
Up, up, and away!
I can't wait for the guild name change.
<Still Thirsty> FTW

Also, still looking.

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