<RR> 13/13 H 25m LF Mage~Fury War~Lock~DK

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01/29/2013 07:08 AMPosted by Zeyqs

About that Holy Pally..still looking!
Let's get a Sha kill so we can finish top 20 US!
01/30/2013 12:13 PMPosted by Sikonos
finish top 20 US!

Bump for good measure.
01/30/2013 02:56 PMPosted by Atrocity
finish top 20 US!


Add 11300 to our current WoWprogress score and we are in the 20 US bracket.
That is if we kill him in the next 2-3 weeks :)
Join us for some Sha attempts!
Bumping for some strong apps to add to an already core
Was just being optimistic! We will all be happy to just finish this content before 5.2 hits.
Not every guild can have the turnover rate that we went through and still push on. Just happy to still be here raiding at a competitive level.

The real excitement will come in 5.2!
LFM exceptional healers and ranged dps! Need another holy paladin BADLY!
01/20/2013 09:46 PMPosted by Atrocity

Stormlash OP
02/07/2013 05:39 AMPosted by Flaaffy
Stormlash OP


Sha 40%..
2 weeks!

2 weeks!


Sha 30%!

Looking for a kill this week.

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