<RR> 13/13 H 25m LF Mage~Fury War~Lock~DK

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Resto Druid?

Never hurts to app
bumpbumpump da bump
Dark animus heroic down!
goin up up
up up and away
Grats on the H DA kill
Grats on the H DA kill

thanks :D
bump for wiping your raid with electrical dot !@#$ from iron qon
Up for lei shen progression :)
Bump for friends
R.I.P. Booquisha

"May your watermelons be juicy in the after-life"
-Malcom X
ey baybay
ehhh many baubles
you guys still looking for warr dps?
i may be interested in joining you guys if my guild doesnt pan out
mother's day

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