[A] Tank + Healer LF Guild


And Crankytoe:

Are currently Looking for a raiding guild. Preferably one that raids between 7pm server to 11pm server, 2-3 times a week. Please contact either one of us if you want us. We both have vent and microphones.
contact me ingame on this character or RiPP#1476
We'd like to recruit you both! Please whisper me in game :)

add my battletag: enigmavortex#1712
Reckoing (25) Is recruiting for our 2 core groups. Why do we have 2? Because we have 1 on est time & one doing ST time. Though we have yet to start raiding we do have core members with vast wow experience and 480+ ilvls. Check us out & see if we'd work for you.

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