Vampiric Touch and Absorbs

I find it really annoying to go against any comp with absorbs it totally ruins all my mana return and with pally mastery and disc bubbles our mana just diminishes.

Please make it like enhance maelstrom were if its absorbed you still get the effect.
I know enhance had to deal with it for a very long time but dont let spreist suffer as long <3
Really, no one else finding this annoying?
I don't PVP and even if I did it would be Disc. :P

But I understand why this would be annoying.
Yeah extremely annoying, and I don't think anyone would really be complaining if blizzard made it so that we get mana returns even when the tick is absorbed.
Would be a nice change
I hate it immensely.
its all situational i oom alot from mass dispell and offheals etc but some games i dont drop below 90% mana
Can't you dispel magic effects?

Dispel, cast VT, profit.
It is kinda annoying like back when warriors did't gain rage from absorbs both attacking and absorbing damage.
So wasting mana to remove pally mastery that gets re applied.. Or disc that have insane trash buffs. Dispell isnt free and sometimes a waste of globals /mana.
PS > Shadowfiend > HoH > MANAS!

Not saying it's perfect but we do have a lot of opportunity to regen this x-pac. Though buffing the Dispersion Glyph couldn't hurt...

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