[A]Fire Bad Tree Pretty: Be 20% cooler today!

Moon Guard
FBTP is a level 25 laid-back guild now accepting players of all persuasions for fun and frivolity.

We have:
- free repairs, as far as the eye can see!
- guild perks for miles!
- more hooves than you can shake a stick at!
- grown up guild chat!
- waffles!
- genuine 100% natural fresh-squeezed Canadian maple syrup!
- a website kinda at fbtp.shivtr.com!

All this and more can be yours!* Toss a whisper to any online member for information or invite.

* FBTP and its affiliates are not responsible for any surprising and/or distressing consequences of your association with FBTP, including but not limited to: sudden deliciousness, excess body hair, intense breakfast cravings, manly tears, trouble sleeping, sore cheeks ooh la la, an increased sense of self worth, an increased sense of self loathing, or increased virility. Please consult your doctor before joining FBTP. Do not drive or use heavy machinery while joining FBTP. If you smoke, are nursing or pregnant, or plan on becoming pregnant, go ahead and join FBTP, but please don't smoke while nursing or pregnant. Dat's whack, yo.
Gratuitous bump.
This guild has my seal of approval.
12/06/2012 08:13 AMPosted by Shilo
This guild has my seal of approval.

Oh my! <3
I always did consider myself tree hugger

Don't think I have hooves though
Id recommend this guild To those who wish to have quite a bit of fun.
@Mistreaver: We have plenty of hooves to go around, don't worry!

@Roisalyn: Bless. Hope you're doing well!
Caturday bump!

Sorting hat bump.

But I like french toast!
12/10/2012 03:49 PMPosted by Laynon
But I like french toast!

So do I! I'm rather sure we can oblige fans of an alternative breakfast lifestyle.
. . . well if you cook me some french toast I'll lend you my spear. Cause i damn well love french toast.
Are you kidding me? It's like a perpetual breakfast buffet over here.
Now I'm just hungry -points at guild- EVERYONE FREE BREAKFAST! JOIN JOIN!
*dons her "Kiss the Chef!" apron and fires up the griddle with heroic flourish*

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