Ex Nihilo 6/6 1/6 HM 3/6 HOF 1% on Wind Lord

Guild Recruitment
Ex Nihilo is a Horde guild on the US-Mal'ganis realm. We are currently seeking skilled, consistent, experienced raiders that are looking to push progression. We have been around been around for a very long time, starting back in BC. We originally came from Lightbringer. When working on progression, the atmosphere is kept serious. The rest of the time is generally light. We love raiding and progression but not at the cost are lives. We are a semi-hardcore guild. We value good players, and value loyalty and consistency.

We use a very easy to understand, loot console system with a dkp subsystem in order to keep loot distribution as fair as we possibly can.

Again we enjoy raiding, however, not at the expense of being glued to the computer.

Our progression raiding schedule is:

Tuesday: 7:50-11:00 EST
Thursday: 7:50-11:00 EST
Sunday: 7;50-1100 EST

Current Needs

We're currently looking for:

All Healing Classes
All Caster DPS
Possibly melee as well

But any exceptional players will be considered


We may not be full of server first kills, but we are competitive. Mal'ganis is a horde controlled server with tons of life. There are 60 raiding guild with great players.

We are currently [1/6] in Heroic 10 MSV, 3/6 HOF 1% wipe on wind lord.

We went [8/8] in Heroic 25 man Dragonsoul.

For you:

If you feel you could contribute to our guild and would be a good fit for us, we encourage you to apply. We are always looking for exceptional applicants. Please contact me in game or Ikillyou or Agony. Add me at battle tag marines#1723. If I'm not online whisper anyone online and ask to speak with an officer and they will point you in the right direction.

For more information, you can find us at:

healers / dps
still looking for healers and dps
wtb a dps
still looking
hi guys still looking
paid xfer as well

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