Balance vs Feral PVP

Ok, so I have played druids on and off since TBC. Just wondering which spec is better for :
- Arena
- Rated BG'S

If you could please explain your reasons.
Also, is a guardian druid viable at all in pvp? I was thinking possibly only as a flag carrier. Sucks how they made bear form crap for Feral, and gave everyone else our unique playstyle. (Stamina Mitigation ) Seriously Blizzard?
Bumping, anyone have any thoughts on this?
Guardian is not viable. Ferals are pretty nice in PVP, nice burst with some great off healing. Boomkins are okay as well, arguably better than the last expansion. I would go Feral just because the higher rated teams with druids seem to have Feral or Resto comps as opposed to Balance.
I'm no expert (obviously haven't played druid at 90), but as far as DPS specs goes, I hear feral is best for arenas and balance is best for RBGs.

I couldn't tell you why though... Like I said, I haven't played druid at 90, so I'm just speaking from what I've heard from others.
Feral has great mobility, uptime, and incredible burst in 3v3 and 2v2, makes Kitty/Jungle cleave really strong right now. This expac we've sacrificed survivability and greater sustained damage for Cyclones/Heals in Cat Form and way better burst inside of CDs. Feral has virtually no representation in high-level RBGs, though they're still fine at lower MMR and can solo defend nodes very well if they Symbiosis a Pally for bubble.

From last expansion Boomkin has better mobility, huge burst/spread damage through cooldowns and increased survivability with Symbiosis on select classes (DK, Lock, Rogue, Mage). They're a lot better in 3v3 and 2v2 than last season and are great in all levels of RBG play. 3v3 representation isn't as low as last season either, since we're more viable in comps like Mage/Boom/RSham and Mage/Lock/RSham with increased burst.

I personally have been playing off and on as Boom/Rogue/(Disc/RSham). It's really strong with the recent Rogue fixes and your Rogue gives you GREAT control, peels and resetting ability. SBeam/Vortex is a great combo to use along with a Ring of Frost and a DK's AoE grip. It's the deadliest setup in any kind of group PvP, especially if you and your group have damage CDs up.

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