PvP How/Why Should It Be Balanced [LONG]

The same could be said for Frost DKs, Disc Priests, and MW Monks.

It was truly shocking to see some of these changes.
Give warriors sustained, put shared cd on reck/banner/avatar, and I'll be fine..

Season 12 was only bad *because* we had no mobility. Now we have tons. Give us back gag order, nerf our burst, give a 10% buff to rage generation outside of defensive, nerf defensive by 5% and second wind by 20%.. and stop ninja nerfing ms and overpower..
Good write up it was more than I expected.
12/05/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Conspiracy
Consider implementing some of Nahj's rogue changes.

12/04/2012 03:35 PMPosted by Nahj
I don't feel like rogues are in that bad of a spot currently outside of their low class representation that doesn't really matter. They are just outshined by the current FotM and thus avoided by fotmer's. The only aspect of rogues that really needs changing is a tad bit more survability, fixes on quality of life issues and more flavor to set good rogues apart from bad rogues.

-Blind is now a 2m cooldown up from 90s. (same treatment to warrior intimidating shout)
-Vanish now has 2 charges (prep would need to die for this). This would be a small sub pve buff in terms of an extra find weakness, but i feel that or a mini baseline prep with just vanish/disarm/shiv is needed survivability / flavor wise.
-Sprint now breaks slows upon use (not snares/roots).
-Shiv is no longer dodge/parry-able and now removes all enrage effects on players.
*Change smoke bomb glyph to lower smoke bomb CD, but allow people to be healed in the lower cd version. (idea from reckful's stream)
*Add a cosmetic mini 2nd combo point bar for anticipation stacks.

Side note, everyone remember to thumbs up the opening post.
Yeah I'd appreciate any +1s to the opening. I didn't expect it to be this long, but I didn't realize how many classes really expected change and either got negative change or no change. (The only positive changes with no bittersweet twists I see in this patch are WW and Rogue changes, but I could be wrong there.)
ya but wut if swifty gets baned again i hope that dosnt happen haha
One can only hope.
5 hours, damn. But good post.

Sticky requested. Anything to get this thing looked at.
TLDR. Even the TLDR was to long. Maybe I don't care enough but I can't see blizz caring enough to read either.
Final TL:DR was 4 lines. I'm sorry you don't have the mental capacity for that.
12/06/2012 01:34 PMPosted by Conspiracy
Final TL:DR was 4 lines. I'm sorry you don't have the mental capacity for that.

lol'd IRL

EDIT: P.S. I was forum banned for a day for trying to continue the "Absolutely Embarrassing" thread. Goes to show where Blizzard's priorities are at.
Spot on review.
Weird. I was wondering where that thread went. Funny how my thread was the only one untouched out of the 12 that there were.
12/06/2012 01:34 PMPosted by Conspiracy
Final TL:DR was 4 lines. I'm sorry you don't have the mental capacity for that.

Suppose I don't because I counted 7 lines. xD no need to be sarcastically rude when trying to push a thread.
12/05/2012 02:44 PMPosted by Conspiracy
TL:DR IN FULL! PvP vs. PvE is a playerbase concern that doesn't make sense. We pay the same developer for two different things, we shouldn't hate each other, we should love the game we both play. And if we don't, we shouldn't pay for it and we should give them ample feedback. That's all this thread was made for. Dispersing the clouds around two communities and giving Blizzard a chance to fix a portion of their game.

I meant no ill intent, but it's insulting to hear the thread is too long really. If I didn't intend it to be precise, why make it long? It certainly doesn't attract as many, but that's not the point of the thread.
I didn't mean to insult you. :( soz
Nah you're fine, but the amiability is appreciated!

On a side note:

PvP will never be perfectly balanced, but it can be balanced enough to be fun and fair. The balance in Mists of Pandaria still has some tweaking to do before it is at that point.

A rather comforting quote from GC's latest interview.
PvP will never been fun and fair if they don't look at threads like this and take some ideas and toss them around without affecting PvE. But good read +1
+1'd and requested a sticky for you, sir. The time you took to list all this stuff out, especially without putting in bias/heated opinions, is much appreciated. Thanks.

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