No Sort of Loot from Sha of Anger

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I just killed the Sha of Anger on two different toons and BOTH TOONS did NOT get any sort of loot from the kill. No loot, no gold, no opportunity to bonus roll. I really hope I'm not screwed for the week.
Were you in the original tag group, or in a group that had the tag shared to it?
This same thing just happened to me as well.
No assistance on this?
This happened to me this week too. When I asked the raid group, about half of the people got credit and half did not. I just ran it again. Well, actually, it was on my shaman, and I ended up running it 3 times, before I got the bag of gold.
12/05/2012 04:07 PMPosted by Stallie
Were you in the original tag group, or in a group that had the tag shared to it?

Original group. From pull to kill and NOTHING popped up on my screen as if I wasn't even there. Don't know if I'm locked out and unable from receiving loot from the Sha now, but from what Donjulia says, looks like I might have to run it multiple times for it to take.

Very annoying.

Update: Just killed him again and nothing pops up on my screen. This is the third kill.
Found this on another thread>>

"You only have a chance of loot once per week per character. Unless your talking about doing it on multiple characters."
Got this response to my ticket-


Game Master Brielduilien here! I had a chance to go over your issue. I understand were looking to redeem some loot.
When we get these cases we do our best to find eligible loot items in our logs that have not been distributed for one bugged reason or another.
Ive done a log search for that particular instance and verified that you hadn't received any loot, and are eligible for distribution of the Cache of Sha-Touched gold. I've sent it to your mail! :D

I hope this helps you have an awesome adventure through Azeroth!

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us again.


Game Master Brielduilien
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment"

I don't know what to say to this...

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