PVP Gear Idea

This is a hair-brained, somewhat exhausted idea I had, but I thought I would write it down anyways.

It is obvious that, with gear upgrading and the way PVP gear and conquest caps work, trying to start PVP half-way through a season is brutal. This is especially true for your alts, and trying to cap conquest every week across multiple characters is demanding at best.

I was trying to think of a way to make it more inviting for alts and gear, and I had a crazy thought. What if, and bear with me, conquest points were shared across account? Then, in addition to this, when you buy a piece of conquest "gear" you don't buy a piece of gear, but access to the appropriate conquest gear. For the character you originally buy it on, you get the piece. But, for any alts, you can then buy the equivalent piece with honor, instead of conquest.

Example: I gain enough conquest to buy a chest piece on my warlock. I buy it, and the warlock gets the conquest chest piece. Then, when I log onto my Dk, I can also buy the conquest chest, but it now requires honor, instead on conquest.

Thus, you still have to work to get the piece (with honor, which is NOT account-shared, so the toon still has to work for the gear) but you aren't limited buy a conquest cap.

This isn't perfect, but I thought I would throw it out there and see what people think.
Nobody has any comments? I'm surprised!

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