Challenge Conqueror: Gold ~ LFM

Hey all,

I'm going to be starting up a solid 5 Man to get the Challenge Mode Achievements..

Primarily looking for people with Previous Heroic Raid Progression experience, mainly due to the fact that.. well simply put, are generally more attentive. Not going to !@#$ around with these, their quite straight forward, just need a solid group to push through them for 1-3 evenings during the week/weekend.

As of now, I'm keeping my options open, but will be looking for:

DK / Warrior Tank
RSham / RDruid / HPally
Ele Shaman / Warlock / Hunter / Rogue .. Wont be too picky on the DPS classes, as long as I believe you're capable of pulling it off..

Leave a reply on here or send me an in-game tell / mail.. usually on in the evenings.

Will set up a schedule once the roster is filled..

Thanks all
bump- talked in game, need more players interested

if he's not online add my ID


cheers, sy
Fdk and Warrior here
warrior is billtheman@tichondrius (he can tank)
ranked highly on wow logs in cata on Baradin Hold Dragon Soul etc
Holler at me ilvl 483 pve gear Frost DK. Olee#1830 is my battle net and i have a ton of heroic progression experience.
484 hunter, a lot of previous heroic exp, 2 gold challenge modes done.
488 shadow/disc priest, have 496 mage main also. I'm 9/16H t14 25m.

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