Excessively long timers on Spirit Beasts

Is there any plans to change this in the game, you have 8-10hr + timers to get spirit beasts to spawn and every spawn point has multiple hunters and gankers at the spawn points, whats the hurt in making these things spawn every couple hours? Then you could make the tames more challenging and fun to do rather than make it an grind to get even 1 pet...

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i'm glad i tamed my arcturis years ago
Yea trying to get one these days is impossible
uhh i have 5; i find them kinda easy to find. just when your in the area look around for 5-10 min if theres nothing there leave after awhile youll run in to one at least ive found skoll ..god 10 times... back when uld was the happening place. you just cant get butt hurt that u cant find one right when you want it; let them find you young hunter.
Oh so you found them back in the day....try to get one now.
Most of them are very unique looking, so they're supposed to be rare. Spirit Beasts are like the trophies of the hunter pets, if they weren't hard to obtain I'd be disappointed.

However I do think they should add one non rare Spirit Beast for those who just want one for the abilities.
I found Terropane and Karoma within two days of just scanning the areas multiple times a day quite casually. Just takes time.
I was lucky enough to get all the SB's before X-Realms came out :)

But my suggestion is, do all the daily's in Hyjal to unlock the Firelands, then that will allow the Owl and the 2 different tigers to spawn. I would say most people either wouldn't bother unlocking the firelands these days, so they will likely be the least camped SB's.

The Northrend ones will still be the hardest to get, as anyone can just scan the spawn points, without the need to unlock or phase into an area.

That's my opinion anyhow.

But, I agree with Litlemouse in that I think they should be hard to find, otherwise it doesn't make them rare and special.
I really agree with litlemouse, spirit beasts should remain as they are, they are kind of a trophy, but they should add a common spirit beast, I don't think any other class has to endure something like this to get an ability, and not everybody has either the time or luck on their side.
I can't be bothered unless they give us more stable slots anyway. Too many SB's, rares, and hunter challenge pets. There aren't even enough slots for just those, let alone normal pet that you might just happen to like.
I agree, especially since the introduction of x-realm, just yesterday i found myself amongst 5 other hunters when paying a visit to the bear....

They are a trophy! But, just as others have said, x-realms has impacted this majorly, and it perpetuates hate between hunters... i believe the last thing blizzard would want is for players to be abusing each other, which i have experienced now n then.
Not to mention, it is almost a long stretch for a hunter to reach their 'greatest potential', whereas a warrior, rogue, etc , do not even have to put in such an effort(i've heard months), simply to gain some minimum benefits.
Im saying it is an extremity that hunters face, they have to put in a hard yard in order get particular abilities, a harder yard then necessary. Due to x-realm there is a higher demand... if you knew anything about high demand, you need a higher amount of what to support it?

Numerous hunters pre-cross sever can alluby this exists nowday
Essentially it is like saying warrior cannot get said ability, or mage cannot get said ability, unless they kill this particular mob, that respawns every 15 hours. Now lets throw in cross server
12/06/2012 09:18 AMPosted by Anarchyy
Essentially it is like saying warrior cannot get said ability, or mage cannot get said ability, unless they kill this particular mob, that respawns every 15 hours. Now lets throw in cross server

i agree with this, i managed to get 3 of mine before the cross-realm thing

BM hunters should get their own quest line where they can phase in and tame their own spirit beast.
even though it will take a lot of the experience away, cross realm looks like it makes it impossible for some.
I think the rare spirit beasts should remain rare. I started farming for them about three weeks ago, and got all 3 hyjal rares in 2 days of casually going to the zone, and parking my toon there when I logged out. I was also lucky enough to get loque after casually looking for about a week.

If anything, crz has made these pets rare and awesome again which is the whole point. The only thing I think should be changed is the amount of spawn points for the bear. With only one spawn point it forces everyone to wait in the exact same spot instead of spreading out around the zone.

Keeping them rare makes it feel like an accomplishment to have them. When I found loque I was more excited than I have been in this game in a really long time, probably since I got the gun off of KT in naxx all those years ago.

Blue Response?

Blues rarely visit class threads.

Plus fishing for blue response = 100% ignored.

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