Replacing on board sound.

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I recently bought an AsRock Fatal1ty 990FX mobo. Although it uses Realtek HD onboard sound like my 6 year old mobo, the AsRock sound sucks. I don't want to sink a ton of money into a sound card. I just want to have bass response back. I've read the Sound Blaster cards really suck nowadays. So what brands are good to look at?
Uninstall whatever sound manager application that came with the motherboard. Only install the Realtek driver from Realtek ewbsite.

You can then use the Realtek audio control panel to change bass response.

Do not bother with a sound card TBH
12/06/2012 12:07 AMPosted by Kalganized
Do not bother with a sound card TBH

Hear hear. Unless your onboard sound is really shoddy, I'd keep with it. This is a cheap hunk-o-junk, but, having owned it, it sounds identical to my Gigabyte onboard:
If absolutely nothing works (and uninstalling sound manager garbage should work) HT Omega is the sound card company I'd go with. They're expensive though.

Honestly there's probably a setting somewhere affecting your bass. I have the same Realtek sound device on my Intel board and I'm perfectly happy with it. My 2.1 speakers sound great and now I'm using the Razer Tiamat 7.1 and it has good bass too. Good for a headset anyway.

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