Returning player (Help!) Rune regen? O_o

Death Knight

I've been afk for a few years. Just came back, new account... so starting from scratch. I mained a DK tank during WotLK. A lot has changed in this game, that much I've noticed... but my only "complaint" is how our runes regen... now.

I'm certainly not experienced enough with the new stuff, haven't even finished leveling yet. But I've got to say... I spend an awfully large portion of my in-combat time drooling and auto-attacking waiting on runes to cool down...

A really painfully large portion of time.

I've looked through glyphs, talents, passives etc. And I just cannot seem to find anything that feally even fixes it at higher level. That is what brings me to the forum, I was hoping to get some feedback from current DKs, specifically tanking types. Is there something I've neglected or not read, something that comes along and reduces the portion of time spent idle and doing nothing?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated, even the negative "go l2p nub" stuff. If I'm just doing it wrong, please let me know.

go l2p nub.

but seriously runes regen faster with haste and tier 5 talents are rune regen if you didn't notice.
You'll see a large difference once you hit level 75 and gain the ability to have your runes recharge with runic power abilities. If you're not in danger of dying as Blood, you can use Heart Strike (does more DPS) instead of Death Strike (heals you).

In summary, go l2p nub.
l2p nub.

At low levels, low amounts of haste and lack of rune regen talents make combat sluggish and dull.
Aha, haste increases rune regen... it all makes sense now! >.>

Ok, very good. After having the missing peice to the puzzle, looking back on the lvl 75 talents they seem very nice. Acting as a bit of an amplifier for the hasted rune-runic-rune cycle.

Good good! Thank you very much everyone for the explaination!

The only thing that's been getting me thru these levels is the blood boil luls. Only really every 10 seconds... sure. But oh man, it hits well into the silly OP realm. No problems with being effective, just the "pace" is dull and not very interacive. But if it is getting better later, I'll stick it out for sure.

Thanks again!

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