Boomkin Gearing Question

Hello, I PvP both Balance and Resto and im wondering how you would gear as a boomkin max level. Do you share the same set as resto or do you use a set made specifically for boomkin?
Not really, no; but if you don't care for min/max'ing then yes, they share gear (for the most part).
A little more detail:

Apart from set bonuses and trinkets, we share the same gear as resto druids. However, we have very different secondary stat priorities. If you try to find a happy medium between the two different priorities, you will end up being mediocre at both specs. You can gem and reforge for one spec and still do so-so at the other one, but in order to be competitive at both, you'll want to either have two different sets, or spend the time and gold changing your reforges and gems every time you switch.

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