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For the past few weeks when we are on the Garalon fight in HoF, my Invoke Xuen spell bugs. When I summon him, he will do a few hits and then just turns around and flys off into the distance. It happens everytime I summon him. Any other monks have this issue?
Everyone is having the issue across the board from Heroic to LFR as soon as Xuen performs his leap he just keeps leaping untell he fly's off the platform very unfortunate since the other two talants in this tier are garbage for Garalon
Ive had the same issue which caused 10-15 1% wipes on the fight, this fight needs to be fixed
I posted in the other thread about this, but will repost here to confirm.

Whilst Rushing Jade Wind could be arguably used on this fight, it is by far not optimal and Xuen worked up until the release of 5.1. The answer should not be "just choose another suboptimal talent because this one is broken".
bump, still bugged.
Bumping. Id atleast like to see it in known bugs list blues.
I made a video of it. In the first clip watch Xuen fly from Garalon's front right leg into the fire behind him and over the wall (top left of screen). The second time I summon him on the boss's body and he still does the same thing (also top left). Third time is hard to see, but I mark him with a skull and you can barely catch a glimpse of him in the distance once I rotate the camera.

I posted on this earlier and got zero attention so I figured the vid would help.
You know what I really hate? Making new threads is discouraged but it's the only way to get any attention since bumping does nothing. Only the ignorant masses who can't use the search function stay on the front page.

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Seemed to be working tonight. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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