Pet Battles
I was all about collecting this things (realm #1, woooo!) but the battles are getting me interested. Bit confused about breeds n such, and how it applies to battles. Anybody care to explain (or link to a guide), which breeds should I be after?
Warla had a good explanation, let me find it for you :o

Another good one:

Edit; This one will tell you the breed id if you don't want to use an external site. But I do prefer Warla's site.
Here's a full writeup I did for the addon:

There is no particular breed you 'should' be after, though... it's up to you to decide what stats are most important to you for a particular pet.
To make it simple here:

There're total of 12 breed-possibilities. Breed 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 for male; Breed11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 for female. There's no difference between male and female breeds stat wise, but potentially might different from each other in future patch according to Mempo's lastest invterview on Warcraftpet.

Top tier:

Breed 4/14 - P/P - 0/2/0 (The best breed aiming for Power)

Breed 5/15 - H/H - 2/0/0 (The best breed aiming for Tanking)

Breed 6/16 - S/S - 0/0/2 (The best breed aiming for Speed)

2nd tier:

Breed 7/17 - H/P - 0.9/0.9/0 (2nd best breed aiming for Health and Power)

Breed 8/18 - P/S - 0/0.9/0.9 (2nd best breed aiming for Power and Speed)

Breed 9/19 - H/S - 0.9/0/0.9 (2nd best breed aiming for Health and Speed)

3rd tier:

Breed 10/20 - P/B - 0.4/0.9/0.4 (Power and Balance)

Breed 11/21 - S/B - 0.4/0.4/0.9 (Speed and Balance)

Breed 12/22 - H/B - 0.9/0.4/0.4 (Health and Balance)

The worst(the original breed)

Breed 3/13 - B/B - 0.5/0.5/0.5 (The worst in general)

Letter "B"represents "Balance", letter "P" represents" Power", and Letter "S" represents" Speed"
The Arabic numbers at the end meaning the exact ratio of stats your pets gain from each level.

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