Get Carried - Looking For Amazing DPS&Healer

Raid nights are as follows:
Monday: 8PM CST - 11PM CST
Tuesday: 8PM CST - 11PM CST
Wednesday: 8PM CST - 11PM CST

(Server time is CST)

We're looking for someone new to fill the hole in our lives (and our damage meters).

We're currently specifically looking for a healer of the Pally/Druid variety, and a DPS of the Mage/Rogue Variety. I will stress however that having all played this game for a very long time - We value the player more than the class. If you think you're exceptional and this sounds like it might be the place for you please don't rule yourself out!

Our Current Comp:

Tanks: Warrior, DK
Healers: Pally, Monk
Melee: Warrior
Ranged: Spriest, Hunter, EleSham, AffLock, Mage

What We Want From You!

Pretty standard requests here. We're a progression guild. We're a very tight-knit group. We're looking for a player with 100% (Or close to it, we know RL happens sometimes!) attendance, who is always prepared, has a good attitude, is mature but able to take a joke, over 21, and knows how to pump out the deeps. And remember! Being a good raider means more than knowing how to stand in one spot and press your rotation macro button! You should be adaptive, raid-aware, and have a quick response time. You should also do your homework and know your boss fights before you're staring at them!

About us: Get Carried is a recently formed guild with one of the strongest cores I have ever seen. We have a strict age limit of 21 and over, so teenagers need not apply. This is for many reasons. No matter how mature kids have claimed to be over the years they undoubtably nearly always cause problems in one form or another. Being a small, tight-knit group, it is very important to us that our team is made up of mature players. We run no official loot system - We all want to succeed in the instance and gear our characters, but we also know our classes - what stats are good for us and what stats aren't. We handle our loot maturely and with respect to others by discussing who a piece may be better suited for(for any variety of reasons). Our 2 leaders are old vanilla players who between them have cleared every dungeon introduced to WoW while they were still current content. Like many old school players we have a twisted sense of humor and a thick skin would be required to play with us. If you can't handle hearing about what your mom did last night the fire here is too hot for you. For the PvP oriented PvEer, you'll find many like-minded players among our ranks. I cannot think of a single person we raid with who doesn't love to PvP, in fact half our raid are Gladiators - in addition to the non-raiding PvPers we have. And most importantly, this is a group of friends. You will find players in this guild will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you out, so long as you are not the type to take advantage of them.

Please contact Klezk/Kleski or Insaetia in-game if interested!

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